March auction form

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Auction rules:

  1. The March auction starts 2/20 at 20:00 UTC.
  2. It takes place at
  3. You need a password to submit bids. If you wish to participate, please fill out the form above to receive a password.
  4. You are not eligible to participate in the auction if you're already being featured for over 15 hours this month.
  5. Your channel must have less than 50,000 subscribers.
  6. The minimum starting bid is $0.50.
  7. The bid increment is $0.25.
  8. The maximum bid increment is $5.00.
  9. You may bid lower than the highest bid (but not under $0.50).
  10. Auction ends within five minutes after 2/22 at 20:00 UTC, 48 hours after it starts.
  11. The highest bidder for a given day will be featured on the front page on that day.
  12. You can be the highest bidder on up to 5 days.
  13. Payment is due by 3/2 at 20:00 UTC or 72 hours after you receive payment information, whichever comes later.
  14. You may pay by PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.
  15. If a YouTuber fails to pay by the specified due date, the next highest bidder goes on the front page.
  16. No refunds. PLEASE BID WISELY!
  17. Misconduct results in one Livecounts strike.
  18. Failure to pay results in two Livecounts strikes. NO extensions or exceptions.
  19. If you have three Livecounts strikes, you will be permanently banned from all auctions, giveaways, and mini-contests.
  20. The schedule will be finalized as soon as all winners pay their dues.
  21. Rules and dates are subject to change.
I acknowledge that I have carefully read these rules, including both disclaimers.